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Z665.G547::2011 : Gleick, James The information: A history, a theory, a flood .

ZA3225.L47::1999 : Lessig, Lawrence Code and other laws of cyberspace .

U53.H33.A3::2005 : Harris, Michael The atomic times .

UG486.B76::1992 : Broad, William J. Teller's war .

UG1282.A8Y82 : York, Herbert Frank The advisors : Oppenheimer, Teller, and the superbomb .

UF767.M215::1974 : McPhee, John A. The curve of binding energy .

UF767.L373::1972 : Laurence, William Leonard, 1888- Dawn over zero: the story of the atomic bomb .

TL793.B847::1990 : Burrows, William E., 1937- Exploring space : voyages in the solar system and beyond .

TL152.5.V36::2009 : Vanderbilt, Tom Traffic : why we drive the way we do (and what it says about us) .

TK9204.H411::1984 : Heppenheimer, T.A., 1947- The man-made sun : the quest for fusion power .

TK9153.B924 : Burleson, Clyde W., 1934- The day the bomb fell on America : true stories of the nuclear age .

TK9152.N858 : Novick, Sheldon M. The careless atom. .

TK9006.F386::1955J : Fermi, Laura Atoms for the world .

TK7885.22.C73M87::1997 : Murray, Charles J., 1954- The supermen : the story of Seymour Cray and the technical wizards behind the supercomputer .

TK7809.R56::1997 : Riordan, Michael, 1946- Crystal fire : the birth of the information age .

TK5105.888.G45::2000 : Gillies, James How the Web was born : the story of the World Wide Web .

TK5105.888.B46::1999 : Berners-Lee, Tim Weaving the Web : the original design and ultimate destiny of the World Wide Web by its inventor .

TK5105.875.I57G72423::2007 : Gralla, Preston How the internet works .

TK5102.3.U6G47::2012 : Gertner, Jon The idea factory : Bell Labs and the great age of American innovation .

TK2901.S27::2010 : Schlesinger, Henry R. The battery : how portable power sparked a technological revolution .

TK140.B87Z33::1997 : Zachary, G.Pascal Endless frontier : Vannevar Bush, engineer of the American Century .

TA15.AR59::1966 : Armytage, W.H.G. A social history of engineering .

TA148.M335::2015 : Madhavan, Guruprasad Applied minds: How engineers think .

R154.V47A3::2009 : Varmus, Harold The art and politics of science .

Q223.P56::2009 : Ploeger, Joanna S. The Boundaries of the New Frontier : Rhetoric and Communication at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory .

Q180.55.M67P54::2007 : Pielke, Roger A. The honest broker: Making sense of science in policy and politics .

Q180.55.G6.G74::2001 : Greenberg, Daniel S., Science, money, and politics : political triumph and ethical erosion .

Q180.U5R35::1987 : Regis, Edward Who got Einstein's office? eccentricity and genius at the Institute for Advanced Study .

Q180.A1W431 : Weinberg, Alvin Martin, 1915- Reflections on big science .

Q179.A79 : Asimov, Isaac, 1920- More words of science. Decorations by William Barss. .

Q175.5.R365::2011 : Randall, Lisa Knocking on heaven's door: How physics and scientific thinking illuminate the universe and the modern world .

Q175.5.F52::1998 : Feynman, Richard Phillips The meaning of it all : thoughts of a citizen scientist .

Q175.32.C65M58::2009 : Mitchell, Melanie Complexity : A Guided Tour .

Q175.3.B459 : Bernstein, Jeremy, 1929- Science observed : essays out of my mind .

Q175.P522::1995 : Pickering, Andrew The mangle of practice : time, agency, and science .

Q175.K814 : Kockelmans, Joseph J., 1923 Philosophy of science: the historical background, edited by Joseph J. Kockelmans. .

Q173.T54::2015 : Brockman, John, (ed.) This idea must die: scientific ideas that are blocking progress .

Q173.M965::2014 : Munroe, Randall What if?:Serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions .

Q173.H7342::1994 : Holton, Gerald James Einstein, history, and other passions .

Q172.5.S9L43::2004 : Lederman, Leon M. Symmetry and the beautiful universe .

Q171.W4194::2009 : Weinberg, Steven, 1933- Lake Views : This World and the Universe .

Q171.T238 : Teller, Edward, 1908- The pursuit of simplicity .

Q171.F385::1999 : Feynman, Richard Phillips The pleasure of finding things out : the best short works of Richard P. Feynman .

Q167.W389 : Weber, Robert L., (comp.) A random walk in science .

Q167.D76::1987 : Weber, Robert L. Droll science : being a treasury of whimsical characters, laboratory levity, and scholarly follies .

Q162.P5914::2000 : Pohl, Frederik Chasing science : science as spectator sport .

Q162.M123::1977 : McCain, Garvin, 1922- The game of science .

Q162.G699::1983 : Goswami, Amit The cosmic dancers : exploring the physics of science fiction .

Q162.B88::2003 : Bryson, Bill A Short of history of nearly everything .

Q162.AS43 : Asimov, Isaac, 1920- Asimov's Guide to science .

Q158.5.W44::1996 : Wheeler, John Archibald, 1911- At home in the universe .

Q147.Z26::1974 : Mozans, H.J. Woman in science .

Q147.H37::2011 : Hargittai, Istvn Drive and curiosity: What fuels the passion for science .

Q141.C2515::2005 : Cathcart, Brian The fly in the cathedral .

Q130.H376::2015 : Hargittai, Magdolna Women scientists: Reflections, challenges, and breaking boundaries .

Q130.D36::2006 : Daniell, Ellen Every other Thursday .

Q127.U6S25::1996 : Sarewitz, Daniel R. Frontiers of illusion : Science, technology, and the politics of progress .

Q127.U6L68 : Lowi, Theodore J. Poliscide .

Q127.U6G68::1999 : Greenberg, Daniel S., 1931- The Politics of Pure Science .

Q127.G4C55::2001:CPOP : Clark, David H. Newton's tyranny : the suppressed scientific discoveries of Stephen Gray and John Flamsteed .

Q125.M417::2012 : McCray, Patrick W. The visioneers: How a group of elite scientists pursued space colonies, nanotechnologies, and a limitless future .

Q125.I88::2002 : Farmelo, Graham It Must Be Beautiful : Great Equations of Modern Science .

Q125.H852 : Hoyle, Fred, Sir The New Face of Science. .

Q124.95.W45::2015 : Weinberg, Steven To explain the world: The discovery of modern science .

Q123.S519::1993 : Shroyer, Jo Ann Quarks, Critters, and Chaos : What Science Terms Really Mean .

QP514.B644::1961 : Borek, Ernest, 1911- The atoms within us. .

QH510.S36::2005 : Schneider, Eric D. Into the cool : energy flow, thermodynamics, and life .

QH366.2.G6593::1996 : Gould, Stephen Jay Full house : the spread of excellence from Plato to Darwin .

QH325.C36::2016 : Carroll, Sean M., The big picture: on the origins of life, meaning, and the universe itself .

QE511.5.G74::2015 : Greene, Mott T. Alfred Wegener: Science, exploration, and the theory of continental drift. .

QC9.U5K48::1995 : Kevles, Daniel J. The physicists / the history of a scientific community in modern America .

QC9.U5K48::1987 : Kevles, Daniel J. The physicists : the history of a scientific community in modern America .

QC9.U5C36::2011 : Cassidy, David C. A short history of physics in the American century .

QC9.G4C144::1984 : Hendry, John Cambridge physics in the thirties .

QC9.G3B468 : Beyerchen, Alan D., 1945- Scientists under Hitler : politics and the physics community in the Third Reich .

QC794.6.S85W65::2006 : Woit, Peter Not even wrong : the failure of string theory and the search for unity in physical law .

QC794.6.S85G75::1999 : Greene, Brian, 1963- The elegant universe : superstrings, hidden dimensions, and the quest for the ultimate theory .

QC794.6.S75O38::2006 : Oerter, Robert The Theory of almost everything: The Standard Model, the unsung triumph of modern physics .

QC793.5.Q252R48::1987 : Riordan, Michael The hunting of the quark : a true story of modern physics .

QC793.5.Q252F92::1983 : Fritzsch, Harald, 1943- Quarks : The Stuff of Matter .

QC793.5.Q252FS73::2004 : Staley, Kent W. The Evidence for the top quark: Objectivity and bias in collaborative experimentation .

QC793.5.Q252C61::1983 : Close, F.E. The Cosmic Onion : Quarks and the Nature of the Universe .

QC793.5.N42V69::2002 : Voyage au coeur de la matiere .

QC793.5.N42S88::1992 : Sutton, Christine Spaceship Neutrino .

QC793.5.N42S658::1997 : Solomey, Nickolas The elusive neutrino : a subatomic detective story .

QC793.5.N42R45::1991 : Reines, Frederick, 1918- Neutrinos and other matters : the selected works of Frederick Reines .

QC793.5.N42N42 : Neutrino odyssey [URL] .

QC793.5.N42F73::2000 : Franklin, Allan, 1938- Are there really neutrinos? .

QC793.5.N42C75::1995 : Cribier, Michel La lumiere des neutrinos .

QC793.5.N42C56::2010 : Close, Frank Neutrino [URL] .

QC793.5.E62D34::1997 : Dahl, Per F., 1932- Flash of the cathode rays : a history of J.J. Thomson's electron .

QC793.5.B62S26::2010 : Sample, Ian Massive: The Missing particle that sparked the greatest hunt in science .

QC793.5.B62L56::2009 : Lincoln, Don The Quantum Frontier : the Large Hadron Collider .

QC793.5.B62L557::2014 : Lincoln, Don The large hadron collider: The extraordinary story of the Higgs boson and other stuff that will blow your mind .

QC793.5.B62L43::1994 : Lederman, L.M. The God particle : if the universe is the answer, what is the question? .

QC793.5.B62L43::1993 : Lederman, L.M. The God particle : if the universe is the answer, what is the question? .

QC793.5.B62L425::2013 : Lederman, Leon M. Beyond the God Particle .

QC793.5.B62C37::2012 : Carroll, Sean M. The particle at the end of the universe .

QC793.4.T191::1986 : Taubes, Gary Nobel dreams : power, deceit, and the ultimate experiment .

QC793.3.S9F49::1997 : Feynman, Richard Phillips Six not-so-easy pieces : Einstein's relativity, symmetry, and space-time .

QC793.29.U54::2002 : Physics., United States High Energy Physics Advisory Panel.Subpanel on Long Range Planning For U.S.High-Energy The science ahead : the way to discovery : particle physics in the 21st century .

QC793.28.P35::1993 : Panofsky, Wolfgang Kurt Hermann, 1919- Particles and policy .

QC793.28.C76::1990 : Cronin, James W., 1931- What does a high-energy physicist really do? .

QC793.28.A52::2011 : (ed.), F. Caruso (ed.) E. Christoph (ed.) V. Ogurl (ed.) R. Rubinstein Alberto Santoro Uma vida de realizacoes : festschrift em homenagem aos seus 70 anos = A Life of achievements : a festschrift on the occasion of his 70th birthday .

QC793.27.F7::1997 : Fraser, Gordon, 1943- The quark machines : how Europe fought the particle physics war .

QC793.27.EN31 : Engdahl, Sylvia Louise The subnuclear zoo : new discoveries in high energy physics .

QC793.26.T33::2002 : Schwarz, Cindy Tales from the subatomic zoo : stories and poems about subatomic particles .

QC793.26.M38::1986 : Mauldin, John H. Particles in nature: The Chronological discovery of the new physics .

QC793.26.L56::2004 : Lincoln, Don Understanding the universe: From Quarks to the cosmos .

QC793.26.H5::1979 : Weisskopf, Victor High energy physics .

QC793.26.F7513::2005 : Fritzsch, Harald Elementary Particles: Building Blocks of Matter .

QC793.24.S34::1997 : Schwarz, Cindy A tour of the subatomic zoo : a guide to particle physics .

QC793.24.S34::1992 : Schwarz, Cindy A tour of the subatomic zoo : an introduction to particle physics .

QC793.24.F44 : Feinberg, Gerald, What is the world made of?: Atoms, leptons, quarks, and other tantalizing particles .

QC793.2.W77::2007 : Wu, Weimin The Beauty of physics .

QC793.2.W44::1990 : Weinberg, Steven, 1933- The Discovery of subatomic particles .

QC793.2.W43::1983 : Weinberg, Steven, 1933- The Discovery of subatomic particles .

QC793.2.S35::2004 : Schumm, Bruce A. Deep down things .

QC793.2.G747::1998 : Gribbin, John R. Q is for quantum : an encyclopedia of particle physics .

QC793.2.C624::2002 : Close, F.E. The Particle Odyssey : A Journey to the Heart of the Matter .

QC793.16.P65::1989 : Polkinghorne, J.C., 1930- Rochester roundabout: The Story of high energy physics .

QC793.C5::2006 : Revealing the hidden nature of space and time: Charting the course for elementary particle physics [URL] .

QC792.7.H48::1989 : Hewlett, Richard G. Atoms for peace and war, 1953-1961 : Eisenhower and the Atomic Energy Commission .

QC792.C4713::2001 : Charpak, Georges Megawatts and megatons : a turning point in the nuclear age? .

QC792.AL11::1971 : Lewis, Richard S. Alamogordo plus twenty-five years: the impact of atomic/energy on science, technology, and world politics. Edited by Richard S. Lewis and Jane Wilson, with Eugene Rabinowitch. .

QC791.96.R284 : Badash, Lawrence, (ed.) Reminiscences of Los Alamos, 1943-1945 .

QC791.775.C64T38::1993 : Taubes, Gary Bad science : the short life and weird times of cold fusion .

QC791.775.C64C56::1990 : Close, F.E. Too Hot to Handle: The Race for Cold Fusion .

QC789.2.U62P75::2013 : Proposal for an accelerator R&D user facility at Fermilab's Advanced Superconducting Test Accelerator (ASTA) .

QC789.2.U62L677::1998 : Shroyer, Jo Ann Secret mesa : inside Los Alamos National Laboratory .

QC789.2.U62L386::1981 : Heilbron, J. L. Lawrence and his laboratory .

QC789.2.U62L384::1989 : Heilbron, J.L. Lawrence and his laboratory: A History of the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory .

QC789.2.U62C62::2004 : Berkelman, Karl A Personal history of CESR and CLEO: The Cornell Electron Storage Ring and its main particle detector facility .

QC789.2.U62B763::1999 : Crease, Robert P. Making physics : a biography of Brookhaven National Laboratory, 1946-1972 .

QC789.2.U62A754::1997 : Holl, Jack M. Argonne National Laboratory, 1946-96 .

QC789.2.F82L44::2002 : Lefebvre, Vronique Into the heart of matter .

QC787.S83T67::1989 : To the heart of matter -- the Superconducting Super Collider. .

QC787.S83T67::1987 : To the heart of matter -- the Superconducting Super Collider. .

QC787.S83T67::1985 : To the heart of matter -- the Superconducting Super Collider .

QC787.P73H35::2009 : Halpern, Paul, 1961- Collider : The Search for the World's Smallest Particles .

QC787.P73A8::2010 : Green, Dan, (ed.) At the Leading Edge : The ATLAS and CMS LHC Experiments .

QC787.P7F42::2003 : Flawn, Peter Tyrell The story of the Texas National Research Laboratory Commission and the Superconducting Super Collider .

QC787.P3S47::2007 : Sessler, Andrew Marienhoff Engines of discovery .

QC787.P3K47::1969 : Kernan, William J. Accelerators .

QC787.P3K47::1967 : Kernan, William J. Accelerators .

QC787.P3B32::2011 : Beacons of discovery .

QC787.P3A37::2009 : Malamud, Ernest, (ed.) Accelerators and beams .

QC787.L5R7::2008 : Report of the Fermilab ILC Citizens' Task Force .

QC787.L5I3::2007 : The International Linear Collider Passport [URL] .

QC787.C8H55::2015 : Hiltzik, Michael A. Big science: Ernest Lawrence, the cyclotron, and the birth of the military-industrial complex .

QC787.C59S36::2009 : Schopper, Herwig F. LEP : The Lord of the Collider Rings at CERN 1980 - 2000 .

QC787.C59D67::2017 : Dorigo, Tommaso Anomaly! : collider physics and the quest for new phenomena at Fermilab .

QC786.H193 : Haney, James E. Physics at the Cyclotron: A Nontechnical dialogue .

QC780.OP5 : Oppenheimer, J.Robert, 1904-1967 The open mind: [lectures] .

QC778.W694 : Wilson, Jane All in our time: The Reminiscences of twelve nuclear pioneers .

QC778.N293::1986 : Ne'eman, Yuval The Particle hunters .

QC778.G53::1988 : Glashow, Sheldon L. Interactions: A Journey through the mind of a particle physicist and the matter of this world .

QC778.F386 : Fermi, Laura The Story of atomic energy .

QC778.E44::1998 : Elementary-Particle physics: Revealing the secrets of energy and matter .

QC778.AS42::1966 : Asimov, Isaac, 1920- Inside the atom. Illustrated by John Bradford. .

QC777.T73::1994 : Trefil, James S., 1938- From atoms to quarks : an introduction to the strange world of particle physics .

QC777.T716 : Trefil, James S., 1938- From Atoms to quarks : An Introduction to the strange world of particle physics .

QC774.M45A3::2013 : Melissinos, Adrian Reminiscences: A Journey Through Particle Physics .

QC774.M34M35::2009 : Magueijo, Joo A brilliant darkness: The extraordinary life and disappearance of Ettore Majorana, the troubled genius of the nuclear age .

QC774.G45A3::1994 : Gell-Mann, Murray The Quark and the jaguar: Adventures in the simple and the complex .

QC774.E94B97::2010 : Byrne, Peter The Many worlds of Hugh Everett III: Multiple Universes, Mutual Assured Destruction, and the Meltdown of a Nuclear Family .

QC774.B64A19::2013 : Aaserud, Finn Love, literature, and the quantum atom : Niels Bohr's 1913 trilogy revisited .

QC774.A49AL86::1987 : Alvarez, Luis W., 1911- Alvarez : adventures of a physicist .

QC774.A2T73::1988 : Traweek, Sharon Beamtimes and lifetimes: The World of high energy physicists .

QC773.5.U5C67::2011 : Coster-Mullen, John Atom Bombs : The Top Secret Inside Story of Little Boy and Fat Man .

QC773.3.U5L614 : Libby, Leona Marshall, 1919- The uranium people .

QC773.3.U5H84::2002 : Hughes, Jeff The Manhattan Project : big science and the atom bomb .

QC773.3.U5H68::1999 : Howes, Ruth Hege Their day in the sun : women of the Manhattan Project .

QC773.3.U5G917 : Groueff, Stephane Manhattan Project .

QC773.3.U5D74::1993 : Drell, Sidney David, 1926- In the shadow of the bomb : physics and arms control .

QC773.3.G3B47::1995 : Bernstein, Jeremy, 1929- Hitler's uranium club : the secret recordings at Farm Hall .

QC773.W43::1988 : Weart, Spencer R., 1942- Nuclear fear: A History of images .

QC773.R346::1986 : Rhodes, Richard The making of the atomic bomb .

QC773.P35::1991 : Pais, Abraham, 1918- Niels Bohr's times : in physics, philosophy, and polity .

QC773.A1G919 : Groves, Leslie R., 1896-1970 Now it can be told .

QC75.W55::2006 : Wilczek, Frank Fantastic realities : 49 mind journeys and a trip to Stockholm .

QC75.K18::2008 : Kaku, Michio Physics of the Impossible : a Scientific Exploration into the World of Phasers, Force Fields, Teleportation, and Time Travel .

QC75.A8::1969 : Aspden, Harold Physics without Einstein .

QC72.S58::1998 : Smith, Crosbie The science of energy : a cultural history of energy physics in Victorian Britain .

QC719.16.C37::1979 : CERN Album de photos: 1954-1979 [French/English] .

QC71.W67::1991 : Ferris, Timothy The World treasury of physics, astronomy, and mathematics .

QC71.W443::1989 : Weisskopf, Victor Frederick, 1908- The privilege of being a physicist .

QC71.W438 : Weisskopf, Victor Frederick, 1908- Physics in the twentieth century: selected essays .

QC71.T383 : Thomson, George Paget, Sir, 1892- The inspiration of science. .

QC71.S775::1999 : Stannard, Russell The New world of Mr. Tompkins .

QC71.SCH99 : Schwinger, Julian Seymour, 1918- Selected papers (1937-1976) of Julian Schwinger .

QC71.Q25::1984 : Wilber, Ken Quantum questions : mystical writings of the world's great physicists .

QC71.P569 : Brown, Sanborn Conner Physics 50 years later. [Papers] as presented to the XIV General Assembly of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics on the occasion of the union's fiftieth anniversary, September 1972. Edited by Sanborn C. Brown. .

QC71.P464::1982 : Tisza, Laszlo Physics as natural philosophy : essays in honor of Laszlo Tisza on his seventy-fifth birthday .

QC71.P455::1992 : Lundqvist, Stig Physics 1971-1980 .

QC71.P283::1955A : Pauli, Wolfgang, 1900-1958, (Ed.) Niels Bohr and the development of physics: essays dedicated to Niels Bohr on the occasion of his seventieth birthday. Edited by W. Pauli, with the assistance of L. Rosenfeld and V. Weisskopf. .

QC71.M37::1990 : Mermin, N.David Boojums all the way through: Communicating science in a prosaic age .

QC71.L515::1986 : Lee, T.D., 1926- T.D. Lee selected papers .

QC71.G25::1993 : Gamow, George, 1904-1968 Mr. Tompkins in paperback .

QC71.F44::1994 : Feynman, Richard Phillips The character of physical law

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