SPIRES BiBTeX Services

How we can help you with BiBTeX

If you use BiBTeX to manage your references, then you can use SPIRES to help you in many ways. First you can use the automated bibliography generator to send us the LaTeX source of your paper using BiBTeX as the output format (i.e. the subject line of your email should be "generate bibtex". This will send you the (up-to-date) BiBTeX entries for the papers you have cited in your paper, using the BiBTeX keys you used for them in the article. This file is suitable for addition to your .bib file. Note that, at the moment, this replacement would overwrite all changes that you may have made to your BiBTeX entries. This can be inconvenient in the case of a few problems with titles and authors that require special handling. See below for a possible solution.

You can also send your entire .bib file to recieve updates of any new information. Again, send it to slaclib2@slac.stanford.edu, this time using "bibfile" as the subject, and we will send you back an updated version of your original .bib file, including any new publication info. With this option, you do not have (yet) the ability to add papers to the .bib file automatically, but you do have the feature that you previous author and title information are retained. Thus, if you have made corrections to our author and title outputs, these will not be modified. Only the journal, volume, pages, date, eprint, and SLACcitation fields are modified.

You can find out more about the older ways to update your .bib file here, although the above service is not described there.

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