We divide corrections into those related to citations and references, and all other issues. Plase treat them as indicated below.

Non-Citation Issues

For corrections other than citations and references, simply email your request to spires@slac.stanford.edu.  Be sure to identify the paper that has a problem in a unique way (journal reference, eprint number, or report number) and clearly explain what the problem is and how you suggest it should be resolved.


Before anything else, please read the fine print about citation counting.

Our methods of collecting references may be of interest, to help you understand how our system works. You may also want to look at what you can do to help us get better at collecting references.

Citation related requests are extremely frequent, we ask that you read and follow the instructions below so that we can process as many corrections as possible in a timely and correct fashion.

  1. If Paper A (often your paper) has a lower citation count than you think is correct, it is because we have missed a reference to paper A from paper B.  This means you need to find paper B and tell us how to correct it.
  2. The first thing to do is go to our reference list for paper B and see why your paper is missing from this list. To do that, click on References and compare the list you see with what is on the actual paper. Once you're there it will also help you to click on Bare SPIRES reference list to give us the necessary information as described below.
  3. Then send email to spires@slac.stanford.edu Subject: Missed References for [Author of B] arch-ive/yymmnnn (or journal,volume,page)
  4. The information in the body of your mail will depend upon what went wrong with paper B.  There are several possible problems and we ask that you treat them differently
Paper B has no references in our record
Just include all the references*
            HN = References from user;
            CITATION = ZEPYA,B51,65; 
            CITATION = ZEPYA,B59,117;
            CITATION = NUPHA,B294,223;
            CITATION = RMPHA,36,856; 
            CITATION = CNPPA,13,15;
            CITATION = CNPPA,10,53; 
            CITATION = PRPLC,49,261;
            CITATION = CNPPA,17,63;
The journal codens can be found in the CODEN database.
We only accept complete lists of missing references. This is important to ensure our records are as complete as possible.
Paper B has references but we missed yours
Tell us the missing one, and where it belongs in our list
            My papers,
            CITATION = NUPHA,B294,223;
            CITATION = PHLTA,B336,1;
            are cited between 
            ZEPYA,B59,117 (or Zeit Phys b59, 117 or whatever you want to call 
            it) and RMPHA,36,856.
We CANNOT use the number of the reference from the paper, we need the position relative to other papers in the SPIRES reference list.
Please do not send us mail like "My paper X is Ref [15] in paper y's ref list." This would slow down the process of correcting the references immensely, and due to the volume of corrections we get, we need your help to make things as efficient as possible.
Thus we ask that you please use the "before" and "after" papers are in our SPIRES list. It doesn't matter if there are actually 20 other papers missing between ZEPYA,B59,117 and RMPHA,36,856, unless you want to provide all of them as well.
This is how you should handle papers that were cited as preprint numbers (e.g. SLAC-PUB-3456).
There is a typographical error in paper B's reference list
Tell us the incorrect paper in our list
            You have CITATION = RMPHA,36,856; 
	    and it should be CITATION = RMPHA,36,956;
Paper B cites your paper as a preprint (e.g. SLAC-PUB-8432), though it is now published or eprinted
See number 2.
Paper B has a radically changed reference list, and now includes your paper
Sometimes the references change so much that they are completely different from the original. In this case, please start by clicking on References and then "Bare SPIRES Reference list." You'll have to make the appropriate modifications to this, then send it to us at spires@slac.stanford.edu
We do not have paper B in the SPIRES-HEP database
If we are missing a paper that cites your work, you can add it using this form. Be sure to include all the references!
Your paper has been translated (published twice) and we don't know
In some cases a paper can have a lot of citations for its translated version. We need to know both the original and the translation to be able to tally up the citations of both.
For example
    Sov.J.Nucl.Phys.38:280,1983., Yad.Fiz.38:468-475,1983.
Cited 65 times in the HEP (SPIRES-SLAC) database. [Full entry]
You will see that the citation search looks for citations of both SJNCA,38,280 and YAFIA,38,468. But, of course, this is only possible if we know both the original and translated versions of this paper.

SPIRES HEP is a joint project of SLAC, DESY & FNAL as well as the worldwide HEP community.
Mirrors: DESY (Germany), Fermilab (US), IHEP (Russia), Durham U. (UK), SLAC (US), YITP (Japan); LIPI (Indonesia);

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