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What is the difference between references and citations?
In some sense this is just a choice of language, but it's a useful one. The references of your paper are those that you list at the end; they're the previous papers you've cited. The citations of your paper are all the papers that mention your work, that is all the papers that have your paper in their reference list.
How we collect and store references
A "bare" record in SPIRES has the following form (click to see the full entry or references):
   AUTHOR = Galic, H.;
 TITLE = Alchemy in (1+1)-dimension: From bosons to fermions;
 PUB-NOTE = Am.J.Phys.59:1088-1095,1991;
Our citation index is made up from the references of each paper (those ``CITATION ='' entries above). The CITATION elements can only be to published papers, with a unique journal,volume,first page structure, e.g.
CITATION = PRPLC,49,261; Phys. Rep. 49 (1979) 261
or eprints
CITATION = HEP-TH 9711200; Note we have no "/"
We have no way of tracking citations of books, preprints (unless they were eprints or eventually published in a journal), etc...
When we add the references from eprints, we only add them from the original (as of 1 week after submission) version of a preprint or e-print. Later revisions will not be visible in our database.
We collect references from high-energy physics related preprints and e-prints received by the SLAC Library. If your work is not posted to an arXiv.org HEP-related archive, or if you do not send us a 'hard copy' of a non-archived preprint, or if we think that the work is not directly related to theoretical or experimental high-energy physics, then we will not add references from your paper to the database. For example, we usually do not collect references from un-preprinted, non-archived journal articles (except those at Physical Review C and D).
These days we mostly collect references from papers which we receive as eprints from arXiv.org. A script is run to extract the references from each paper's tex file. Naturally, this is not perfect and so the reference list obtained automatically must be checked by someone. Entering the SPIRES records of all the eprints we receive consumes 2 full time positions (out of a SPIRES-HEP staff of 6 people) and adding and checking the references takes the bulk of this time.
There are several things authors can do to ensure that we get the references from your paper correctly.

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