Help SPIRES with references

How you can help us with references

Checking your file before sending to arXiv.org

You can now check your reference list before you send your paper to arXiv.org when you use the SPIRES LaTeX formats. Simply send your tex file to:

        To: slaclib2@slac.stanford.edu
        Subject: references

The script works by extracting the %%CITATION= tags. You'll then be sent back a url with your reference list as it will appear in SPIRES format.

The LaTeX formats also allow the construction of hyperlinked references. For more information on HyperTeX please consult arXiv.org.

Eprint format considerations

If you are preparing a large paper with many separate .tex files our extraction will be more accurate and efficient if you combine the references into one file when you submit to arXiv. This file should have the


command in it, and should be named




where the * is the usual wildcard, so you are free to use


if you wish.

Calling your bib file


is less than helpful...

Getting LaTeX format of SPIRES output

A display format can produce output as plain LaTeX For example:

By Colin J. Morningstar (UC, San Diego), Mike Peardon (Kentucky U.). UCSD-PTH-97-05, UK-97-02, Apr 1997. 43pp.
Published in Phys.Rev.D56:4043-4061,1997
e-Print Archive: hep-lat/9704011

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Phys. Rev. D Server

Clicking on "LaTeX(US)" will produce:

C.J.~Morningstar and M.~Peardon,
%``Efficient glueball simulations on anisotropic lattices,"
Phys. Rev. {\bf D56}, 4043 (1997)
%%CITATION = PHRVA,D56,4043;%%

Just cut-and-paste this into your LaTeX file!! Choosing LaTeX(EU) will give Phys. Rev. {\bf D56} (1997) 4043.

Our program looks for the %%CITATION tag in your tex file (which, of course, will not show up in the printed copy of your paper), none of the other lines matters, so you can change them as you want. However, using the \bibitem{Morningstar:1997ff} will make it easier for you to update your reference list using our database should you wish to do so in future.

What to do when you want to cite a paper we don't have in SPIRES

Obviously you'll also want to cite papers we don't have. We can only track citations of either eprints (say cond-mat/9711200) or papers published in journals with unique volume/page structure (e.g. Zeit. Phys. C31 (1986) 634). We cannot, for example, handle books (e.g. "Quantum Field Theory" by Itzykson and Zuber) or ``Talk given at 23rd Conference on Physics in Kyancutta." In this case you can make your own CITATION tag. For the eprints this is easy:
%%CITATION = COND-MAT 9711200;%% (note the "/" is missing and the ";" is very important)
For journals we need to know the journal CODEN:
%%CITATION = CODEN,volume,first page;%%
For the example above you would have:
%%CITATION = ZEPYA,C31,634;%%

You can find the coden using the CODEN search form. However, if this is too complicated, you can just put
and we'll fix for you.

If you feel the missing paper should be included in the HEP database, please use this form.

Using BibTeX

Everything you need to know is mostly covered here, but there are some issues that are of special relevance to BibTeX.

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